As a humble mother, 

grandmother, business owner

and divine friend of many...Shakeitha's personal life enriches her approach to mentorship and leadership. She's a passionate advocate for self-improvement and spiritual growth. Her eclectic taste in music from R&B to Neo-Soul diversifies her interests, which include literature on alchemy and wealth-building. Shakeitha's #1 mission is to guide you to financial stability and evolve as a visionary leader.



Every weekday at 7PM CST, join now for informational webinars that delve into the intricacies of the travel industry and reveal the secrets to creating passive income through savvy strategies.

On weekends, tune in at 6PM CST for sessions that promise to enrich a deeper understanding to expand your horizons. Join Shakeitha in the morning for an inspirational call at 7AM CST (M-F) offering a dose of motivation and spiritual wisdom with positivity and purpose. 


Shakeitha & Me

What about Shakeitha & Me?

Shakeitha's followers and fans come from all parts of the world online. Where she connects, supports and focus on developing her friends "Me" side of "You". Meaning the value of "Me" helps to Embrace the Energy of Self Love, Self Awareness and Self Value. And this is where Shakeitha begins...The Intricate Power to know THYSELF. The true meaning to know The "Me" in "You".




Shakeitha is an advocate for financial empowerment with Nowsite AI. This opportunity offers a pathway to cutting edge AI Marketing Technology and tools that foster a community of Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs.


Shakeitha's expertise in network marketing shines as she supports her team in harnessing the power of Nowsite AI. Welcome to the future of financial empowerment and passive income.


Shakeitha's mission is to offer families Life Insuarnce that protects their entire family against life's uncertainties.


Shakeitha's approach is not about selling policies; it's about building a safety net that allows individuals to live their life long dreams without worry.


She is a TRUSTED EXPERT in her field and very passionate to help others enjoy their insurance journey toward financial resilience and assurance.


Shakeitha is a Divine Alchemist on a spiritual journey, intertwining her deep-rooted belief with her professional investments.


Her approach to life and business is infused with spirituality, as she seeks to transform lives and encourages others to redefine their energy of self awareness. She draws her inspiration from various musical genres, influential books, and figures like Toni Jones and Deepak Chopra, which helps to shape her view of success.


Join the path of spiritual richness and fulfillment with Shakeitha Lewis - Divine Alchemist.

5 Pillars of Xpansion Alchemy

Shakeitha "Speaks"

"Inner value begins with knowing "THY SELF"...Shakeitha Lewis.

Self Awareness


In the alchemy of self-awareness, we transmute illusions into truth, forging a radiant soul that dances in harmony with its divine essence.

Self Love


Embrace the alchemy of self-love, where the alchemist within you turns whispers of doubt into a symphony of self-adoration, creating a masterpiece of acceptance.

Self Value


In the divine alchemy of self-value, recognize the gold within; refine your worth with the wisdom that every facet of your being contributes to the brilliance of you.


Shakeitha is a passionate Independent Travel Advisor with Inteletravel where she specialize in crafting unforgettable travel experiences.


Her journey from the World of IT to The Travel Industry reflects her dedication to exploring new horizons and helping others do the same. Her expertise is designing personalized itineraries that cater to the unique desires of each traveler.


Whether you're planning a luxurious getaway or an exotic adventure for the entire family, Shakeitha is committed to delivering top-notch service and creating memories that last a lifetime.


Welcome To Shakeitha Travel Services



Shakeitha Lewis

Independent Travel Advisor


(806) 392.0684

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